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In 2016, lotteries accounted for 29% of global gaming revenue, but only 10% of the online sector. Globally, lotteries are the most popular form of gaming and 1 in 4 players play as part of a syndicate. While jackpots continue to deliver () – there are indications that these trends are only likely to increase.

Unlike sports betting, where any store or app offers betting on events throughout the world, lotteries are bound by geography and jurisdiction that limits player participation.

Lancellot enables players located anywhere to participate in lotteries around the world without needing to be present at the location in which the lottery takes place.

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Connectivity. Transparency. Trust.

Using the Lancellot app, players choose a lottery draw to play and purchase tickets accordingly. The number of tickets a player purchases determines their share of the winnings from that draw.

Each buying group is founded & managed by a user serving as captain. Prior to each draw, the group’s captain receives ticket funds, purchases corresponding tickets, scans them and updates the app for the group’s players to see.

Revenue from winning tickets is calculated automatically & distributed proportionally amongst the group’s tickets holders.

Better Play Together

The Lancellot platform provides connectivity for players and captains around the world. Players can find lotteries to participate in and captains can create pools for lotteries they have access to.

For the 25% of global lottery players who are already consistently using their natural social groups to share lottery purchases, Lancellot provides a secure solution and access to new markets.

The Lancellot platform is user friendly, financially secure, transparent and utilizes the security of the most up-to-date blockchain architecture.

Founded by Experts

Lancellot has assembled an expert senior team, combining over a century’s worth of experience in the lottery, marketing and financial industries with knowledge of the latest technologies and trends. Lancellot’s vision for the future of lottery is delivered by the industry and business expertise of the team.